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The town is the synthesis of varied cultures, which enable it to evolve and expand the quality life, as well as to foster an environment of creativity amongst the student citizens. Those who stay here always cherish the golden moments of life in the campus. Today, the town has compounded in strength and consolidated itself to take on the challenges of the emerging future. Vidyanagar is a mixed culture of say pan-India. One is sure to find the different ways of cultural exchanges among the students and faculties.

The life at Vidyanagar is all about discovering one’s self. To be a part of the life that will offer a lot one should be ready to take up the challenges. Academic is at its best, fun and frolics do compete with it. Days are hectic with studies while nights go with fun places filling the air with discussions about the day’s happenings and eating out at almost all the places that glitter with neon lights. Roaming till late night is a very common aspect of citizens. Even girls are safe.

When one enters Vidyanagar, the lush greenery, which is a sure means of breathing fresh air in all seasons, catches the eyes of the naturalist. Its lush green trees of different types and kinds have not only made the town environment-friendly, but also have created a serene and everenjoyable tranquil atmosphere generating synergistic ecstasy in the campus. The campuses are built surrounded with trees of various kinds. Vallabh Vidyanagar is blessed with the splendor of nature. The pollution-free environ, attracting many to make the town their permanent home, add value to the academic life in the campus.

Vallabh Vidyanagar has all the amenities which major metropolis may offer; rather it has the best of both the worlds - glamour of a big city and simplicity of a small town. Apart from the academic aspect, V.VNagar has a unique chain of food courts, almost all nationalized and non- nationalized banks and accommodation facilities up to five star levels. It encapsulates the contemporary trends of the youth, while at the same time it attempts to make these trends meaningful by making felt the presence of different spiritual vibes.

Vallabh Vidyanagar embraces a rarity of raison dore behind its origin and a variety of education with its development and growth. Strategically located between Ahmedabad and Vadodara, Vallabh Vidyanagar today has reckoned to be an Active Educational core in the western constituent of India & just six kilometers from India’s milk city Anand. One can visit the city of Vallabh Vidyanagar by flying to the International airport at Ahmedabad as well as the Domestic airport at Vadodara. If one chooses to travel by road, National Highway 8 can be used - it takes less than an hour to reach Vallabh Vidyanagar from Vadodara.



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