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Duration of Course

Medium of Instruction

No. of Seats

CVM University,
Vallabh Vidyanagar
Two Years English 70 seats
Course Structure
The most important objective to start MSW is not only the requirement of job oriented courses, which helps in getting the employment, but the course prepares better and more efficient citizens for Mother India, who can have greater sense of responsibility towards their nation.
There is an ever-growing demand for social work in our country as the result of Westernisation, material advancement and the blind adoption and imitation of Western values, which have made human’s life a complex web of absurdities. It has created an everlasting demand for social work to cure those complexities. Professional courses and job market are closely related. The present time is of cut throat competition. A candidate with a professional degree is considered to be more competent than the simple graduates and so s/he stands a better chance in the employment market. Indian society is known for its many virtues and plus points but its negative side needs to be addressed simultaneously.
Deep rooted and age-old drawbacks like superstitions, illiteracy, dowry, alcohol-consumption, child-marriage, etc. are the stigma in the Indian society. The intensively taught and trained students can have a wide scope to share and to impart their knowledge to the illiterate and ignorant masses and thereby to liberate them from rigid customs and rituals. The course aims at producing a greater confidence and power in the candidates, which will enable them to adjust in their own personal and social life.
Scope of the Course
The study of social work is for committed individuals who are passionate about caring for people, from infants to the elderly, helping them overcome life’s most difficult challenges. The study of social work prepares you to become a professional social worker, by helping you develop knowledge, values, and skills essential to competent social work practice. The study of social work gives you the opportunity to work with individuals through internships with local agencies, to test what you are learning in the classroom and to identify where you need more educational experience.
The MSW programme offers its students a wide range of work opportunities in non-government, inter-government and government organisations working at the micro and macro levels simultaneously at the local, national and international levels. The programme equips its students to work in a wide range of capacities as social workers, counsellors, field officers, project officers and programme coordinators in the fields of health, education, development, criminal and juvenile justice, gender issues, family services such as family courts, family counselling centres, adoption centres, broad-based child welfare services, community organisation and development practice, NGO–corporate initiatives, industry, funding agencies, research-based organisations, advocacy and human rights organisations and organisations working in specialised areas of disability, HIV/AIDS, sexuality, disasters, etc. Employment opportunities are also available in academic and research organisations as instructors, lecturers in colleges/ departments of social work, as researchers and as community development personnel, in funding agencies and as development consultants.
  • Minimum qualification: Graduate in any discipline from any recognized University / College
  • Nature of the programme: Multidisciplinary
Admission Procedure
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