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The Parent Body of the Institute has ensured with tremendous mindfulness that the transactions in the actual tutorial rooms are supplemented with other learning resources to facilitate more meaningful and purposeful learning. It is, indeed, realized that the importance and significance of the well-organized resources and resource centres are the prerequisites of a quality education in the present context. With the same belief, the Institute offers rich resource facilities to its students with a view to providing them with the most fascinating learning experiences.

Lecture Halls

The Institute has 14 Lecture/ Tutorial Halls with finest infrastructural facilities. To ensure a higher degree of learning in the context of present scenario, the Institute endeavors to integrate the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within the actual classroom interaction to facilitate more meaningful and purposeful learning. For making the learning a productive process in a true sense, each Lecture/Tutorial Hall is equipped with LCD Projector and a Screen for amalgamating technology in pedagogic practice. This exercise offers not only a productive learning experience to the students but simultaneously provide an exposure to the most advanced technological tools to explore the global resources.

Computer Lab

It is realized that the traditional methods of education may not thoroughly suffice and hence the exploration of e-resources to make learning more purposeful is required. Throughout the year, students of the Institute are required to do many assignments, seminars, individual/ group tasks, presentations etc as a part of their course-work. For the same, the Institute offers a rich Computer Laboratory with latest technological support. There are 30 latest computer sets with broadband facilities and students are encouraged throughout the year to optimally utilize the Computer Resource Centre.

Language Lab

The Institute has been able to develop a fully furnished and highly advanced state-of-the-art Communication Laboratory with 36 booths, connected with latest microphones and audio-visual aids. All the booths are connected with Internet. Further, a fixed LCD Projector with a Screen is placed to enable the students to master the art of communication. Moreover, to offer exposure of various intellectuals, traditions, destinations and cultures, a rich collection of CDs and DVDs, containing documentaries and classical cinematic productions, are made available.

Conference Hall

The Institute has a Conference Room, which has a capacity to accommodate 30 people. It is used for academic meetings and gatherings, deve opmenta workshops and seminars for the faculty and invited delegates.


Library plays a vital and pivotal role in academics. It is the most essential Resource Centre that helps facilitate learning in collaboration with the actual classroom interaction. We, as an Institution, are very conscious of this fact and we endeavor to constantly upgrade and enrich the Library Campus. Presently, we have fully computerized Library Campus containing Books, Research Journals and Learning Resources on a range of disciplines. Moreover, the Library Campus is well fed with regular Magazines a Newspapers in more than thr languages. Additionally, the Institute h been able to develop an E-Learni Centre within the Library Campi wherein we have placed thn computers with internet connectivity I the students to explore e-resources.

Accommodation Facilities

The Parent Body of the Institute has providi the facilities of Accommodation for Bo and Girls. We have separate hostels accommodate our students to ensure safe, hygienic and secured place to comfortably placed in. The hostels hai their own reading rooms for the studen to give them the best possibl environment to study.

Sports Complex

To ensure andl give the best and the latest in the field( sports facilities, Charutar Vidya Mand has created and developed variou indoor and outdoor grounds. They an centrally operated and there are facia available for Badminton, Tennis, TaM Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Cricket Gymnastics, Athletics, Hockey and many other sports.

Psychology Lab

The Institute has a wellequipped Psychology laboratory for the students of Psychology to carry out practical experiments and learn the practical application of the discipline in the real situation. The practicals and the casestudies are carried out in the Laboratory to facilitate the matter-of-fact learning of the field.

Studio with Audio-Visual Facilities

Highly modernized and substantially well-equipped studio is developed with umpteen audio-visual facilities. It is developed primarily to give exposure to the students of Journalism and Mass Media.


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